CAS No. 7719-12-2



Phosphorus Tri Chloride has been used in the pharmaceutical, plastic and dye industry. This basic chemical is a pesticide intermediate as well as a precursor to chemical weapons. It is used as a catalyst, solvent and reagent in organic synthesis.


Phosphorus Tri Chloride is a colorless to slightly yellow oily, fuming liquid with a pungent and irritating odor. It is soluble in benzene, ethyl ether, carbon disulphide and in carbon tetrachloride. It is stable, but light sensitive, incompatible with water, many metals, fluorine, acids, variety of organic materials including acids, alcohols and reducing agents. It is toxic and highly corrosive.


Molecular Formula PCl3
Molar mass 137.33 g/mol
Appearance Clear Colorless liquid
Assay 99.00 % Min
Specific Gravity 1.550 -1.580 g/cm3
Melting point −93.6°C (−136.5 °F; 179.6 K)
Boiling point 76.1°C (169.0 °F; 349.2 K)
Solubility in water Hydrolysis
Solubility in other solvents Soluble in benzene, CS2, ether, chloroform, halogenated organic solvents


Pharma: It is used to produce sulfadiazine (SD) and sulfamethoxydiazine (SMD) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Environment: It is used in the manufacture of surfactants and sequestrates, including phosphorus acid, used primarily for water treatment chemicals.